Deribit Rate Limits

23 Dec 2019

In order to safeguard order processing capacity, Deribit has imposed the following rate limit system implemented per sub-account.

Some market makers, specifically, option market makers, can be eligible for higher rate limits. However, they should apply for the increased rates by contacting our support team, which will evaluate if they meet the criteria.

Clients can check their actual limits on page, or can query the system using the /private/get_account_summary method.

Deribit has two different Rate Limits, one for Matching Engine Requests and another for all other requests (Non Matching Engine).

1 Matching engine requests

  • Each sub-account has a rate limit that is updated in line with the table below every hour and this approach is the same for WS, REST and FIX. 

  • The rate limit is measured as an aggregate of all books and currencies.

  • When the counter is exhausted the user will get the following error message "too_many_requests" 10028. When you get a 10028 error and you want to cancel your orders, the best approach would be to wait the request refill time (see table) and send a mass cancel.

Past 7 days turnover 

Requests per 10 seconds

Request refill time


Tier 1

> USD 25 million


67 ms per request

150 in a burst or for example 15 per second

Tier 2

> USD 5 million


100 ms per request

100 in a burst or for example 10 per second

Tier 3

> USD 1 million


250 ms per request

40 in a burst or for example 4 per second

Tier 4



500 ms per request

20 in a burst or for example 2 per second

2 Non-matching engine requests

  • Each sub-account has a rate limit of 200 requests per second. This setup is the same for WS, REST and FIX. 

  • These limits include session-level messages like a heartbeat, test request etc.

Overview of Matching Engine requests

All requests not in the list below are treated as Non-Matching Engine Requests